Anatolian Shepherd dogs are a loyal family pet. Here is your informative A-list of Anatolian Shepherd dog. The Anatolian Shepherd is also known as Karabas (Blackhead), Kangal Dog, Anatolian Karabas (Anadolulu Blackhead) or Turkish Guard Dog. This dog breed is originated from Anatolia (central Turkey) during the time of the Persian Empire. It is an ancient dog breed as Shih Tzu. This breed was bred to herd and guard for livestock. They were used to be guard dog, hunting dog and companion dog. The Anatolian Shepherd is hardworking working dog. Today, this dog breed is also loyal family pet for everyone

Facts about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

  • Temperament – Anatolian Shepherd dogs are loyal, devoted, proud, confident, hardworking, independent, brave and resourceful. They are expert in flock guardian. They have strong protective instincts. They will protect their family or livestock. They are wary of strangers, they will bark extremely loud when necessary. It is good to start obedience training and socialization for Anatolian Shepherd puppies during puppyhood. This dog breed is not suitable for inexperienced owner. They can get along well with children and other pets. The Anatolian Shepherd dog loves to roam and dig around.
  • Appearance – The Anatolian Shepherd has a powerful and sturdy build. They have a broad head and the neck is thick. They usually have a rectangular shaped muzzle and a pair of triangle shaped ears. The Anatolian Shepherd dog has a pair of almond shaped medium size eyes and the chest is deep. They usually come with two types of coat which are short coat or rough coat. The short coat is about one inch in length and the rough coat is about four inches in length.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Breed Information

Size Large
Height 71-76cm (male) 66-71cm(female)
Weight 45 -68kg (male) 41-59kg (female)
Colour Fawn with black mask, white with large colored spots
Group Working breed dog
Life Span 12– 15years
Litter Size Average 5 – 10 puppies
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed, let them roam and dig around at large fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing is needed. They shed heavily at least twice a year
Environment Outdoor
Barking Average

Some common health issue for Anatolian Shepherd dogs are eyelid entropion or hip dysplasia.

If you are interested in this dog breed, you may adopt Anatolian Shepherd dog from Anatolian Shepherd dog rescue or look for Anatolian Shepherd dog breeders.

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Anatolian Shepherd Dogs