The Angelfish is a popular pet fish. Here is your informative A-list of Angelfish. They are belonging to Cichlid family. Their natural habitat is in the Amazon River in South America. There are three recognized species of Pterophyllum which are Pterophyllum scalare, Pterophyllum altum and Pterophyllum leopoldi. The Pterophyllum scalare is also known as freshwater angelfish, one of the popular tropical aquarium fish. In 1820, Angelfish was import to Europe. Today, many aquarists keep Angelfish as their pet fish.

Facts about Angelfish

  • Social Behavior – Angelfishes are also known as community fish. Their good tank mates include Gourami or Tetras. This fish breed consider as an intelligent fish. Fancy Guppies are not advisable to put in one tank together with Angelfishes, because Fancy Guppy tends to nip their fins. It is recommended to put some Amazon Sword plants in the freshwater aquarium for Angelfish. The Angelfish do not disturb plants. Do not overfeed them. You can feed young Angelfish twice a day.
  • Appearance – The Angelfish has a diamond-shaped body which is flat and round. They have long dorsal and ventral fins. You need to prepare a large Angelfish tank for them. The nature Angelfish comes with black bars on a silver colored body. There are many Angelfish varieties such as Black Angelfish, Black Lace Angelfish, Blushing Angelfish, Golden Angelfish, Koi Angelfish, Marble Angelfish, Silver Angelfish, Veiltail Angelfish and Zebra Angelfish.


Angelfish Breed Information

Size Small
Length 6 inches (15cm)
Species Pterophyllum
Life Span 10 – 12 years
Feeding Flake foods or brine shrimp (live or frozen)
Tank Size 40 to 60 gallons
Water Region They swim everywhere of the aquarium
Water Temperature 24 °C to 28 °C or 75 °F to 82 °F
Common Ailment Cotton wool disease or white spot disease
Reproduction They are egg layers

Regular tank maintenance is a must in order to keep Angelfish healthy. Set up a realistic aquarium is also important for aquarist. Here is a list of cute fish names for your Angelfish.

If you are interested in this fish breed, you may look for Angelfish breeders or buy fresh Angelfish at your pet shop.