The Basenji is an energetic pet. Here is your informative A-list of Basenji. The Basenji is also known as African Bush dog, African Barkless dog, African Wolf dog, Ango Angari, Condo dog and Zande dog. This dog breed was originated from Egypt. They used to be a hunting dog and guide dog by the natives in the forest. The Basenji is an old breed. In 1934, Basenji was brought to Europe. English breeders improved it and exported it all over the world. Today, Basenji becomes good family pet.

Facts about Basenji

  • Temperament – The Basenji is alert, highly intelligent, curious and affectionate with family. They are able to response well to obedience training. It is better to socialize Basenji Puppies at the early stage. They can get along well with older children and dogs. The Basenji cannot get along well with non-canine pets. They love to climb and they tend to chase animals. Chew toys should be given to Basenji puppy because this dog breed tends to chew a lot. They have strong hunting instincts. They are reserve with strangers, this dog breed do not bark but tend to howl or makes a yodel noise. They are good watchdog. The Basenji does not like cold weather. They usually clean and groom themselves like a cat. They like chase and play game and enjoy spending time with family. This dog breed requires an experienced owner.
  • Appearance – The Basenji is muscular and compact athletic dog. They have elegant looking. The Basenji has a flat skull. The head is furrowed and wrinkled around the forehead. They have a pair of small almond-shaped eyes and a pair of erect ears. The tail is usually set high and curls up over the back. They have muscular thighs and long limbs. The feet color is white. The coat is very short and sheds very little. Basenjis have no dog odor.

Basenji Breed Information

Size Small
Height 41- 43cm (male) 38-41cm (female)
Weight 10- 12kg (male) 9-11kg (female)
Colour Black, red, brindle or tri-color
Group Hound Breed Dog
Litter Size 4 to 6 puppies and female Basenji breeds once a year
Life Span 10 – 11 years
Exercise Ability Daily long walks is needed, let them run and roam around at fenced large yard
Grooming Requirements Brush with bristle occasionally. This breed is very little shedder
Environment Indoor or Small fenced yard
Barking Tend to howl

Some common health issue for Basenji is progressive retinal atrophy, Fanconi’s syndrome (kidney disorder), eye problems and intestinal disease.

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