The Bernese Mountain Dog is a loyal pet. Here is your informative A-list of Bernese Mountain dog. They are also known as Berner, Bernese or Berner Sennenhund. This dog breed was originated from Switzerland in 18th century. Their original name was the Canton of Bern. They are one of four standards Swiss Mountain Dog. Four standard Swiss dogs consist of Appenzeller, Bernese Mountain Dog, Entlebucher Moutain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. The Bernese Mountain Dogs were used to be farm dogs, they help farmer to herd cattle or pull carts. They were descended from Roman Mastiffs. They were imported to United States in the middle of 1920s. The Bernese Mountain Dog was recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1937. Today, Bernese Mountain Dog is a cheerful pet for family.

Facts about Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Temperament – The Bernese Mountain Dog is affectionate, alert, confident, curious, gentle, good-natured, loving and smart. Early socialization and obedience training is recommended for Bernese Mountain Puppies. They thrive on human companionship; they can get along with children and other pets. Do not leave them alone for long period, they will become destructive. Bernese Mountain Dogs are not highly energetic, daily walk is enough for them. They are a good watch dog. Do not overfeed this dog breed as they gain weight easily.
  • Appearance – The Bernese Mountain Dog has a large-sized body. The body is well-balanced. They have a broad head and they come with a pair of slightly oval-shaped dark brown color eyes. The triangle shaped ears are in medium-sized and hanging close to the head. They have a black nose and the muzzle is strong. The chest is deep and the neck is muscular. They have straight legs and the feet are compact. They have a bushy and long tail which carried low. Their tri-color double coat is moderately long and weather resistant. There are white blaze appear on the chest and rust markings appear sides of the chest. White markings can be found on head, toes and tip of the tail. The base color is black.

Here are pictures of Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Information

Size Large
Height 58 -71 cm (male and female)
Weight 36-50 kg (male and female)
Colour Black with tan markings and white patches
Group Working Dog Breed
Life Span 6 – 9 years
Litter Size Average 5 – 8 puppies
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed. Let them play around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Weekly brushing is needed. Use dry shampoo when necessary. This dog breed is a heavy shedder
Environment Outdoor
Barking Average

The common health issue for Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, Gastric Torsion or cancer. Here is a list of cute dog names for your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

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Bernese Mountain Dog