The Betta Fish is a popular pet. Here is your informative A-list of Betta Fish. The Betta Fish is also known as Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens). The words Betta derived from ikan bettah, is a local Siamese name for Siamese Fighting Fish. Bettas were found in the Malaysia and Thailand. This fish breed descended from the rice paddies of Thailand and Cambodia which called pla-kad or trey krem in Thai language. They used to be as fighting fish in South East Asia. In 1910, Dr. Tate Regan described these fish as Betta Splendens. Today, the Betta Fish is popular around the world.

Facts about Betta Fish

  • Social Behavior – The Betta Fish is one of the good community fish. Male Betta tank mates include Angle Fish, Danios, Gouramis, Ghost Shrimp, White Clouds, Mollies or Plecostomus Catfish. Only one male Betta can be kept in Betta tank. If you keep more than one male Betta in tank, they will fight to the death. It is recommended to keep one male Betta with few female Betta if your Betta fish aquarium is spacious and plenty of hiding places. Female Betta is less aggressive than male Betta. This fish breed is suitable for the beginner aquarist and the maintenance cost is low.
  • Appearance – The Betta fish has a long body and it come with a pair of short rounded fins. Bettas come in variety of colors or color patterns. The male Betta is more colorful than female Betta. The body color includes blue, green, red, yellow, cream or turquoise. You will find the shades of blue, green and turquoise will change color with different lighting conditions or view from different angle. Betta breeders have been developing different type of tail shapes which include veiltail, crowntail, combtail, double-tail, half-moon, halfsun, delta tail or fantail.


Betta Fish Breed Information

Size Small
Length 6 cm (male and female)
Species B. splendens
Life Span 2 – 3 years
Feeding Betta fish food includes all kinds of live and fresh, dry protein foods or flake food
Tank Size 10 gallon Betta aquarium is recommended
Water Condition Wide range of temperature 24 °C to 30°C or 75 °F to 86 °F
Common Ailment Fin rot or Fungus disease
Reproduction No special attention is needed. If you put one male Betta together with one female Betta, they will start breeding. Their fry is lighter than water and will float on top of the water


Betta Fish has a unique organ which called labyrinth organ. It allows them to breathe atmospheric air. If Bettas do not have sufficient access to atmospheric air, they will die. It is better to make your Betta bowl be spacious, do not decorate with many marbles or rocks.

Here is a list of cute fish names for your Betta.

Betta Fish
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