Bloodhounds are an intelligent pet. Here is your informative A-list of Bloodhound. The Bloodhound is also known as Chien de Saint-Hubert or St. Hubert Hound. This Bloodhound dog breed was originated from Belgium in the 8th Century. They are one of the oldest hound dog breeds. Bloodhound Dogs were bred for hunting deer and wild boar. The Bloodhound is also known as Flemish Hound. Bloodhounds were brought to England by the Normans. The Bloodhound was contributed the development of the American Coonhound, Bavarian Mountain Hound, Brazilian Fila Brasileiro and Swiss Jura Hound. The Bloodhound was recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885. Today, Bloodhounds are a great scent tracker and wonderful companion pet.

Facts about Bloodhounds

  • Temperament – The Bloodhound dog is affectionate, determined, easy going, friendly, gentle, good-natured,independent, loyal and noble. Bloodhounds have a sweet disposition. They thrive on human companionship and they are patient with kids. They can get along with dogs and other pets. Early socialization and obedience training is recommended for Bloodhound puppies because they are tend to be stubborn. Let puppy walk on a leash is recommended. Bloodhound Dogs have strong tracking instinct, they can even follow human scent. A confident experienced pet owner is more suitable for Bloodhound.
  • Appearance – The Bloodhound has a powerful medium-sized body. The expression is always noble. They have a long head and they come with a pair of diamond-shaped deeply sunken eyes. The long droopy ears are hanging down close to the head. An amount of loose skin is covered around the head, muzzle and neck. They have a black nose and the muzzle is long. Bloodhounds are come with muscular long neck and strong shoulder. The ribs are well sprung and the chest is forming a deep keel. They have powerful legs and the feet are strong with well knuckled up. The front legs are straight and solid. The tail is in medium length and curled over the back. The coat is hard and short.

Here are some Bloodhound pictures

Bloodhounds Breed Information

Size Medium to large
Height 61-69 cm (male) and 56-63 cm (female)
Weight 41-50 kg (male) and 36-45 kg (female)
Colour Red, black and tan or liver and tan
Group Hound Breed Dog
Life Span 10 – 12 years
Litter Size Average 8 – 10 puppies
Exercise Ability Daily long walks are needed. Let them play and roam around at large fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Regular brushing is needed. Clean the ears regularly. This breed is an average shedder
Environment Medium or large fenced yard
Barking Vocal outdoor and quiet indoor

The common health issue for Bloodhound is prone to bloating and it is recommended to feed them two or three meals a day. They are also prone to hip dysplasia or ear infections

Here is a list of cute dog names for your Bloodhound puppy.

If you are interested in this dog breed, you may adopt Bloodhound puppies from Bloodhound rescue or look for Bloodhound Dogs for sale from Bloodhound breeders.

Bloodhound Breeders

Wellington Hounds – Bloodhound Breeders located in State of Nevada, USA.

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