Boxer Puppies are powerful and joyful pet dog.

Here is your informative A-list of Boxer.

Boxer also known as German Boxer or Deutscher Boxer. Boxer was originated from Germany in the late 1800s, this dog breed descended from Mastiff and Bulldog. This dog breed name boxer is derived when they hind their front legs and appear as boxing motion with their front paws.

Facts about Boxer

  • Temperament – The boxer is a faithful and loyal family companion for everyone. ¬†They are widely used as police dog or war dog, they are also good watchdog. In past, they were used to round up livestock. Boxers are strong, muscular and energetic. They need early socialization in order to get along with young children or other pets. Because of their highly intelligent, they can pick up training fast and they do well in competitive obedience. Boxers need a lot of exercise as digging or chewing to avoid boredom, owner can bring boxer for daily walk. Boxer has self-confident character but is never arrogant, they do not like to stay alone for long period.
  • Appearance – The boxer has very powerful, athletic and muscular body. It has a square head with short muzzle and broad nose. They have dark brown eyes, set high ears and docked tail. They have a powerful jaw but a bit undershot. Their coat is short and smooth. They are also known as white boxer, one-third of the body is covered with white markings, which include markings on muzzle, belly, chest, neck and inner legs. There is always a white blaze line from the muzzle upward between the eyes.

Boxer Breed Information

Size Large
Height 56 – 63 cm (male) 53-61 (female)
Weight 27 – 32kg (male) 24 -29kg (female)
Colour Fawn, brindle, tan, black with white markings
Group Working Breed Dog
Life Span 11- 14 years
Exercise Ability Daily walk is required and play ball session with them in fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Brush them with bristle brush daily and they are average shedding breed
Environment Outdoor with medium-sized fenced yard
Barking Average

The boxer suffer several common health problems as hip dysplasia, digestive problems and heart problems, it is good to give your pets yearly body checkup and purchase pet insurance for them, here is some sharing about 5 keys to choose right insurance for your pet.

Boxer Puppies
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