In Pet Lover World , a list of cat breeds is added for your reference. Cat breeds are categorized by breeds, hybrids and type of cats.

I will grouping the different breeds of cats such as natural cat, hybrid cat and mutation cat so as to understand our best friend and companion better!

The list of Cat Breeds

Natural Cat Breeds – These cats were developed without breed choosing. They were bred through generations. Most of them have their own ancient history.






Hybrid Cat Breeds – These cats do not have an ancient history. They were bred based on several types of cat breeds. Human develop these cat breeds for particular cat features.

Mutation Cat Breeds – These cats do not have an ancient history and were bred based on distinctive and unusual genetic mutation. No human is involved in development.

  • American Curl, American Wirehair, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, German Rex, LaPerm, Munchkin, Oregon Rex, Selkirk Rex, Somali, Sphynx and Squitten.
Cat Breeds
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