How pet lovers select a suitable chicken coop plans ?
Raising Chicken becomes a new trend for pet lovers, it can consider a new hobby and also we can sell fresh eggs for gain profit. The overall maintenance cost is much cheaper if you compare with keeping other pets, for instance as Beagles puppies or Chihuahua puppies .

Things to consider when selecting a chicken coop plan

Proper Ventilation – Chicken coop needs proper ventilation to keep your chickens warm enough in cold climates, if you live in warm climate, of course you need proper ventilation to keep your chicken cool enough.
Without proper ventilation, chicken easily suffer from ammonia due to their droppings. Design a few of small windows in your chicken coop plan, make sure it is not drafty and chicken can get fresh air. The good idea is let chicken coop windows face southwards direction.

Good design of chicken coop –There are plenty of chicken coop design available in the market. Pet lovers should take note for few important areas as for good design of chicken coop, which include enough space and light for your chicken. Normally, one chicken need 4 square feet of floor space. So, if you intend to raise one flock of 10 chickens, you need to allocate 40 square foot chicken coop sufficient light in chicken coop help egg laying and also function as heater for chicken during cold climates.
If you plan to keep small flock of chicken, you can design a portable small chicken coop too. Normally the coop do not have floor and it can be move around often from one part of your lawn to another. It is good for chicken as they can have new bugs and fresh grass, we do not need to clean up droppings compared to the normal chicken coop.

Building chicken coop materials – Wood and lumber are common materials for building a new chicken coop, if you worry about the cost, you may get some used scrap lumber or used to windows to minimize your cost.

Chicken nest boxes – The chicken nest boxes should be dark and comfortable enough for your hens, they do share nest box, so if you have smaller chicken coop, you may need one chicken nest box only. Your nest box has to beat least 4 inches deep and fill it with straw, make sure the box is always clean and no droppings are inside.

Security and predator control – It is important to make sure your chicken coop is predator proof especially if you live near raccoons, fisher cats, foxes or bears. The structure of the chicken coop must be strong enough and you can place a strand of electric wire fencing down under the ground for at least 1 foot out from the wire fence.

The benefit of good chicken coop plan

A good chicken coop plan will help you to keep your chicken healthy and laying more eggs for you. Besides this, raising chicken is good for our environment and also one way of dispose of organic waste. After having a good chicken coop plan, you can start choose suitable chicken breeds for your farm hobby.

Chicken Coop Plans for Pet Lovers
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