The Chinese Crested is a popular elegant pet. Here is your informative A-list of Chinese Crested. There are two type of Chinese Crested which is the Hairless and the Powderpuff. The Chinese Crested is also known as Chinese Crested Powderpuff, Chinese Crested Hairless, Crested or Puff. This Chinese Crested dog was originated from Africa which it was called African Hairless Terrier. It is an ancient dog breed. Chinese traders took the dogs when they stop their ship at Africa. Chinese Crested dogs were used as vermin hunter in the ship. In the early 1800s, they were imported to Europe. The Chinese Crested was recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1991. They are getting popular in the England and United States. Today, Chinese Crested is a charming pet for family.

Facts about Chinese Crested

  • Temperament – The Chinese Crested is active, agile, alert, charming, gentle, intelligent, loyal, playful and sweet. Children should be taught to be handling this dog breed with care. They thrive on human attention and do not leave them alone for long period. They are not a good watch dog. They are a wonderful companion. Proper socialization and obedience training is recommended for Chinese Crested puppies.
  • Appearance – The Hairless Crested is hairless over every part of the body except feet, head and tail. The Powderpuff Crested has a long silky coat. The Hairless and Powerpuff can be born in the same litter. The Chinese Crested has a slender body. They have a wedge-shaped head and come with a pair of almond-shaped eyes which set wide apart. The erect ears are large and the neck is lean. The muzzle is long which tapers into the cheek. The Chinese Crested dogs have long and straight legs. They have a long tail which curls over the back.

Here are pictures of Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Breed Information

Size Small
Height 30 cm (male and female)
Weight 4.5 kg (male and female)
Colour Any Color
Group Toy Breed Dog
Life Span 10 -12 years
Litter Size Average 2 – 4 puppies
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed. Let them play around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing is needed for the Powderpuff. Protect The Hairless Crested need to be protected from the weather. This dog breed is a little shedder
Environment Indoor
Barking Average

The Hairless Crested is needed to prevent skin irritations and they can be protected with sunscreen. Both varieties are allergic to lanolin and wool. Do not overfeed this dog breed as they gain weight easily. Here is a list of cute dog names for your Chinese Crested puppy.

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Chinese Crested