Pet Lovers can prepare different type of foods for their dogs. It can be biscuit mixer, canned food, home cooked food, dry food and etc. We must take note all the dog food quality, avoid give pet wrong choices.

Photo Credit Three Million Dogs

Dog food manufacturer have done their research for dog food in order to make sure dog food meet requirement for different level of dogs. Dry dog food is the easiest way to feed dogs everyday, it is easier to clean up. They will drink more water after they eat dry dog foods.

Canned Food is one of the favourite food for dogs. Some canned food require a complementary biscuit mixer. But canned food without biscuit mixer will be better choices for dogs. Home cooked food is nutritious for dogs. It must be balanced, over supply will harm your dog.

Pet lovers must choose tidbits carefully for your dog, most of the products are sweet or contain of artificial colourings, diary products and etc.

Choices of food for dogs
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