The Cichlid (family Cichlidae) is a popular pet fish. Here is your informative A-list of Cichlid. Their natural habit is in tropical America an Africa. They belong to freshwater fishes. They are attractive and colourful. Based on their geographical distribution, they can divide into large or less discrete groups.
Lamprologus Ocellatus is one of the smallest Cichlid. Normally Cichlid family can differentiate by body shapes and sizes.

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Facts about Cichlid

  • Social Behavior – They love to dig and attempt to curb it, they practice brood care, take care of their young and eggs. Normally they use substrate brooding and mouth brooding as their brood care.
  • Appearance – Cichlids family include of Central American Cichlids, East African Lake Cichlids, South American Cichlids, South American Dwarfs, West African Cichlids and etc. They have variety of body shape and sizes.

Cichlids Breed Information

Size Small to large
Length from 2/3 inch to 36 inch
Feeding Flake foods or brine shrimp (live or frozen)
Tank Size 40 to 60 gallons
Water Region They swim everywhere of the aquarium
Water Temperature 24 °C to 28 °C or 75 °F to 82 °F
Common Ailment Cotton wool disease or white spot disease
Reproduction They are egg layers

Regular tank maintenance is a must in order to keep Cichlid healthy. Set up a realistic aquarium is also important for aquarist. Here is a list of cute fish names for your Cichlid family.

If you are interested in this fish breed, you may look for Cichlid breeders or buy fresh Angelfish at your pet shop.

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