Cockapoo puppies are little adorable pet for everyone. Here is your informative A-list of Cockapoo. Cockapoo is also known as Cockerpoo or Spoodle (AU). They are not purebred dog, they are crossing between the American Cocker Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. Since 1970s, Cockapoos become popular in United States. In Sweden, they are known as Cockerpoo. Today, Cockerpoos have come from Cockapoos parent instead of direct cross between Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.

Facts about Cockapoo

  • Temperament –  Cockapoo puppies are one of the smartest dogs in the world, it is better to start their training and socialization during puppyhood to avoid aggression problem. They are affectionate, active, friendly and loyal. Cockapoos are people-oriented; they can get along with children and other pets. They also known as children dog. Cockapoo Puppies are inherited the characteristic of either Cocker Spaniel breed or Poodle breed, you have to observe yourself.
  • Appearance – Since Cockapoos are hybrid breed, their coat is varying from dog to dog, they should carry the characteristics from both parents. They can have many coat colors. In general, Cockapoo face resembles the Poodle and ears resemble the Spaniel.

Cockapoo Breed Information

Size Small
Height 35 -38 cm (male and female)
Weight Teacup Toy – under 3kg, Toy – under 5kg, Miniature – 5.5kg – 8kg
Colour White, black, tan, cream, sliver and mixture than more than one color
Group Hybrid Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Exercise Ability They are energetic and daily walk is needed. They love to play and run around.
Grooming Requirements Cocakpoo need regular brushing and trimming. They are little shedder
Environment Indoor
Barking Soft

Some common health issue for Cockapoo is ear infections, Luxating Patellas or problems related with their both parents. Do not overfeed this dog breed as they tend to overeat, here are some sharing about how to choose best food for pug puppies.

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