Dachshund puppies are lovely family pet. Here is your informative A-list of Dachshund. Dachshund is also known as sausage dog or Weenie dog. This dog breed is originated from Germany in the 16th century, the dog name means badger dog in German. This dog breed descended from oldest breed of German hunting dog. Dachshund was bred to hunt and chase badger or other hole-dwelling animals, miniature Dachshund was bred to hunt hare and stoat. Dachshund comes in two sizes which are standard and miniature.

Facts about Dachshund

  • Temperament – Dachshund is lively, affectionate, fun loving, playful and loyal dog. They tend to be jealous easily, it is better to socialize and train them since puppyhood. Dachshund is friendly to human and other pets, they are more suitable for older children. They like to chase small animals and bird and they have hunting instincts. Do not leave them alone for long period and do not over feed this dog breed since they are elongated dog.
  • Appearance – Dachshund Puppies come with long, muscular body with short legs. They have large and paddle-shaped paws. There are three varieties of coat, which are smooth haired, long haired and wire haired. The long haired Dachshund coat is long and straight. The smooth haired Dachshund coat is sleek, short and smooth, also known as short haired Dachshund. We seldom get chance to see wire haired Dachshund, the coat of wire haired Dachshund is tight and coarse, the spine length is shorter.
    Dachshund has varieties of color, it consist of single dapple, double dapple and brindle patterns. Single dapple has two colors and double dapple mix white patches with the colors. Brindle patterns are striped over the entire body with two colors. They have almond shaped eyes, long ears and long muzzle. Dachshund has large lung, they can bark extremely loud.

Daschund Breed Information

Size Medium
Height 20 – 27 cm for standard (male and female), 13-18cm for miniature (male and female)
Weight Over 4.9 kg for standard (male and female), Less than 4.9 kg for miniature (male and female)
Colour Solid red or black and tan; tan and chocolate, tan and black, fawn and tan; fawn, cream and gray
Group Hound Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed
Grooming Requirements Smooth haired need regular brush, long haired need daily brushing, combing and monthly grooming, wire haired need trimming twice a year
Environment Indoor
Barking Loud

Some common health issue for Dachshund is spinal problems because they have extremely long spinal column and short rib cage. Do not let them jumping or walking stairs often. I believe with love and patience, everyone will be a great pet lover. Here is some sharing about how to be a responsible Pomeranian Puppy Owner?

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Dachshund Puppies
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