Dalmatian Puppies are most recognized pet in the world. Here is your informative A-list of Dalmatian. I believe most of us watched animated film “101 Dalmatians”, Pongos and Perditas are our favorite cartoon puppies. Dalmatian is also known as carriage dog and firehouse dog. It is an ancient breed just same as Shih Tzu. Dalmatian was originated from the region of Dalmatia in the Republic of Croatia. They were used to be war dog during both war world wars. This dog breed has very strong hunting and guarding instincts and categorized as working dog in past, they can perform multiple tasks and also used as guard dog, vermin hunter, bird dog, carriage dog, fire-apparatus follower, circus dog, draft dog, retriever and shepherd. Today, Dalmatian is still serving as carriage dog and firehouse dog.

Facts about Dalmatian

  • Temperament – Dalmatians are active, loyal, playful and energetic. They have good memories in general. Dalmatians need a lot of owner attention and thrive on human companionship, they cannot be leave alone for long period, Dalmatian craves for activity else Dalmatian will become destructive. They need an active owner. They can get along well with other pets, especially horse. It is advisable to start your puppies training and socialization as early as you can. Dalmatians can get along with children, because it is an extremely active dog breed, not suitable for toddlers.
  • Appearance – Dalmatian Puppies are born completely white, the spots appear later when puppies grow after few weeks. They are muscular large dog with powerful stamina and come with deep muzzle which about same length as the top of the skull. They have brown or blue medium sized round eyes. The ears size are rounded points and set high tipped to hang alongside the dog’s skull. Dalmatians come with short and smooth coat, the well-defined spot is black or liver color and the nails are white. They have compact feet come with well-arched toes.

Dalmatian Breed Information

Size Large
Height 50 – 60cm (male) 50 -55cm (female)
Weight 23 -25kg
Colour Black or liver spots on white background
Group Non-sporting Breed Dog
Life Span 10 – 12 years
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed, let them run around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Brush daily with bristle brush and bath weekly, this breed is constant shedder with shedding profusely twice a year. Use mild shampoo when necessary
Litter Size 6 – 8 puppies
Environment Outdoor
Barking Average, bark when necessary

The common health issue for Dals is hip dysplasia and suffers bone spurs when they grow older. Dedicated and active owner will enjoy having a Dalmatian in your life.

Dalmatian Puppies
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