As a pet owner, do you dress up your Pomeranian with pet clothing?

I believe there are many good reasons why should we dress up our pet.

Here provide 3 reasons why should we dress up our lovely Pom.

3 Reasons to dress up our lovely Pomeranian

Pom loves attention – As we know, Pomeranian is a dog breed who needs more attention than other dogs.  They are intelligent, lively and active. Because of their intelligent, they can be train easily and it is advisable to start your training early for your Pomeranian puppies. We can always see pet owners dress up their Pom as show dog in the exhibition.  Pomeranian and Beagle are two common show dogs  which we can see more often.  When you spend time to dress up for your Pom, he will love the attention that you given to him. Pom needs regular grooming to maintain best looking and keep Pom healthy by give Pom daily brushing, weekly nail trimming and ears cleaning.

Protect Pom Body – Some pet owners might think Pom is well protected by their thick fur. When winter days come, most of the pets need a warm sweater to protect their body. Especially now we are facing global warming, our winter is getting cold than ever. It will be poor thing for your pet if you still bring your pet go out with no pet cloth during winter.

Variety choices of pet clothing – Compare to other dog breeds, Pomeranian has a broad selection of pet clothes. You can buy party clothes, raincoat, T-shirt and boots. When it is rainy day, raincoat will protect your Pom’s fur to keep dry. It is convenience to purchase pet clothes on internet, I find the service is fast. Do not buy loose pet cloth for your pet, it is advisable to measure your dog size before buying pet cloth.

In general, I believe most of the pet owners will like to dress up their Pom. 2010 is a world cup year, please check out more about pet clothing for FIFA World Cup 2010.

3 reasons to dress up your Pomeranian
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