Himalayan Cats are a gentle pet. Here is your informative A-list of Himalayan Cats. The Himalayan Cat is also known as Colorpoint Persian. Their nickname is Himmy. This cat breed is a hybrid cat breed. The Himalayan Cat is a division of the Persian Cat. In 1930, Dr Clyde Keller developed Himalayan Cat breed by crossing between Siamese and Persian. In 1980s, Himalayan Cat breed was recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) as a color variation of Persian Cat breed. Today, Himalayans are popular family pet.

Facts about Himalayan Cats

  • Temperament – The Himalayan Cat is affectionate, calm, easygoing, funny, gentle, laid-back, playful and sweet. They are similar in temperament to the Persian Cat in some way. They thrive on human companionship and they love to spend time with family. They like a game of fetch or play with toys. Himalayans can get along with children and other pets. Early socialization and obedience training is good for Himalayan kittens.
  • Appearance – The Himalayan Cat has a medium-sized or large-sized body. Himalayan Cats are also known as “pansy-faced cats”. They have a massive and round head. They come with a pair of large and round eyes and the eyes color is vivid blue. The ears are small with round tipped. The cheek is chubby and the short neck is thick. They have short legs and the round feet are large. Himalayan Kitten born in white or cream color. They will start develop their points after couple of weeks.
  • Coat color and pattern – The Himalayan Cat has a semi-long or long thick beautiful coat. Color point pattern can be found on their face, ears, paws and tail. The accepted color-points color include blue, chocolate, chocolate-tortie- lynx, seal- lynx, blue- lynx, red- lynx, cream- lynx, tortie- lynx, blue-cream lynx, chocolate- lynx, lilac- lynx, and lilac-cream- lynx, red-torties or seal lilac.

Himalayan Cats Breed Information

Size Medium or large
Weight 7 – 12 pounds (male and female)
Group Hybrid Cat Breed
Exercise Ability Let them play and run around, they enjoy play with simple toys
Life Span 15 – 17 years
Litter Size Average 3 to 5 kittens
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing is needed and cleans their eyes regularly. Monthly nail clipping and bathing is needed. This breed is light shedder
Environment Indoor

The Common health issue for Himalayan Cats is prone to polycystic kidney disease, feline urological syndrome, corneal seqestrum or stenotic nares. Owner provides enough surfaces for cats normal scratching behavior is important to make them healthier and do not overfeed your cat. Here is a list of cute cat name for your Himalayan Kitten.

If you are interested in this cat breed, you may adopt Himalayan Cat from Himalayan Cat rescue or look for Himalayan Cat for sale from Himalayan Cat breeders.

Himalayan Cats