The Irish Wolfhound is a gentle pet. Here is your informative A-list of Irish Wolfhound. The Irish Wolfhound is also known as Cú Faoil. This dog breed was originated from Ireland. It is a very old breed with dated as far back as 391 AD and the ancestors of Irish Wolfhound were the Cu. They were bred for hunting boar, deer, elk and wolves. The Irish Wolfhound was almost disappearing in country due to massive export into other countries as royalty gift. In the middle of the 19th century, a British Captain George Graham re bred this dog breed by the introduction of Deerhound and Great Dane blood. In 1897, this dog breed was recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC). Today, Irish Wolfhound dog becomes loving pet for family.

Facts about Irish Wolfhound

  • Temperament – The Irish Wolfhound is friendly, gentle, generous, patient, sweet-tempered, thoughtful and intelligent. They are also known as gentle giant. The Irish Wolfhound dog is one of the tallest and largest dog breed in the world. They are non-aggressive; they can get along well with children and other pets. Due to their friendly character, they are not a good watchdog because they like to greet everyone as friend. Irish Wolfhounds are affectionate with family and they are eager to please their owner. Obedience training and early socialization should be given to Irish Wolfhound puppies in early stage. They can pick up training easily. Puppies will become destructive if they do not have enough attention from owner. A firm and experienced dog owner is more suitable for Irish Wolfhound.
  • Appearance – The Irish Wolfhound has giant-sized body, same as the size of a small pony. They have a friendly and gentle disposition. They have a long head and they come with a pair of small ears. The muzzle is long and moderately pointed. They have a long and well-arched neck. The chest is very deep. The tail is long and slightly curved. They have strong and muscular straight legs. The feet are large and round with well arched toes. They can reach up to 7 feet tall when standing on their hind legs. They have a shaggy coat. The wiry hair covers around their eyes and muzzle.

Here are some Irish Wolfhound pictures

Irish Wolfhound Breed Information

Size Large
Height 71-90 cm (male and female)
Weight 40-69 kg (male and female)
Colour Black, brindle, fawn, red, grey or white
Group Hound Breed Dog
Life Span 7– 9 years
Exercise Ability Daily and long walks is needed; they need plenty of space to run around
Grooming Requirements Brush twice a week with bristle brush. Clean their beard regularly. Pluck their coat once a year to remove dead hair. This breed is average shedder
Environment Large fenced yard
Barking Lower than average

The common health issues for Irish Wolfhounds are hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, bloat, bone cancer, Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA) and Willebrands.

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Irish Wolfhound Breeders

Taryn Irish Wolfhounds – Irish Wolfhound Breeders located in the State of Texas, USA.

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