Keeshond is a popular pet. Here is your informative A-list of Keeshond. They are also known as Wolfspitz, German Spitz, Dutch Barge dog, Smiling Dutchman, Chien Lup or Deutscher Wolfspitz. This dog breed was originated from Netherlands and it was used to be a watchdog. It was originally called as German Spitz or Wolfspitz. The name has changed to Keeshond in 1925. Pomeranian is its closest relative.

Facts about Keeshond

  • Temperament – Keeshond is lively, highly intelligent, affectionate, loving and active. They are good out going companion. They like to spin in circles. Since they are highly intelligent, they are easy to train and even able to perform tricks. They pick up obedience commands easily. Keeshond can even be guide dog for the blind. This dog breed is friendly, Keeshonds enjoy spending time with family, they eager to please their owner. They get along well with children. Keeshond is suitable for first time dog owner. Early training and socialization is good for Keeshond puppies. They get along well with other pets, they like to chase each other for fun. Do not overfeed this dog breed since Keeshond grows fat easily. They make a good watchdog, they will give warning barking when stranger comes. Keeshond is famous of its distinctive barking. Do not leave Keeshond for long hour, they will become nuisance barkers.
  • Appearance – Keeshond is a medium sized of dog. They have a pair of medium sized of dark color eyes. Keeshond has unique markings around the eyes that resemble spectacles, this marking is referring to the dark lines slanting from the corner of the eyes towards the ears. They have a medium length muzzle and come with a pair of triangle shaped ears which stand erect on the head. Keeshond has a double dense coat. The outer coat is lavish, long and straight, it comes in shades of gray with black tips. The under coat is short and thick, the color of under coat is pale or gray. You will find extreme thick coat at their neck, shoulder and chest. They do not tolerate with warm climate.

Keeshond Breed Information

Size Medium
Height 44 – 48cm (male) 36 – 40cm (female)
Weight 25 – 30kg (male) 20 – 25kg (female)
Colour Cream, mixture of gray and black with markings
Group Non-Sporting Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Exercise Ability Daily long walks is needed, let them run around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing and weekly grooming is required to prevent skin matting. Use dry shampoo when bathing and they are average shedder
Environment Indoor or fenced yard
Barking Average

Some common health issue for keeshond is hip dysplasia, luxating patellas (trick knee), skin problems or heart disease.

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