The Maine Coon Cat is an ideal pet. Here is your informative A-list of Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is also known as American Coon Cat, American Longhair, American Forest Cat, American Shag, American Snughead, Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Maine Trick Cat and Maine Shag. The nick name of Maine Coon is gentle giant. This cat breed was originated from United States. The cat name “Maine” was derived from the North Eastern American State. It is the official state cat in Maine. Maine Coon Cats are one of the oldest native American longhaired cat breeds. The Maine Coon Cat was recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) in 1976. Today, Maine Coon Cats are a popular domestic cat in United States. They are as popular as other natural cat breeds such as Abyssinian, Birman, Burmese, Korat, Persian, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Siberian or Turkish Angora.

Facts about Maine Coon Cat

  • Temperament – The Maine Coon Cat is affectionate, confident, easy going, friendly, gentle, loving, mild-mannered and playful. Maine Coon Cats are also known as people-oriented cat. They are good mousers and they enjoy play a game of fetch with owner. They have a kindly disposition and their voice is soft. Maine Coons are not a lap cat but they like to accompany their owner. They can get along with children or other pets. Early socialization is recommended for Maine Coon kittens. It takes 3 to 4 years to grow mature and they are doing well in various seasons including winter.
  • Appearance – The Maine Coon Cat has a muscular medium to large sized body. They have a square-shaped head and they come with a pair large round eye. They have large tufted ears. The neck is medium long and the chest is broad. The legs are medium long and the paws are large with well-tufted. The long tail is flowing and tapering at the back.
  • Coat color and pattern – The Maine Coon has a shaggy coat. The coat is soft and water-resistant. The longer fur can be found on stomach. The shorter fur can be found on the head and shoulders. The common coat color of the Maine Coon is tabby. Most of the coat color and patterns are acceptable.

Maine Coon Cat Breed Information

Size Medium to large
Weight 9 – 22 pounds (male and female)
Group Natural Cat Breed
Exercise Ability Let them play and run around, they enjoy play with simple toys
Life Span 9 – 15 years
Litter Size Average 4 kittens
Grooming Requirements Weekly brushing is needed. This breed is an average shedder
Environment Indoor

In general, Maine Coon Cats are the healthy cat breed. Owner provides enough surfaces for cats normal scratching behavior is important to make them healthier.

Here is a list of cute cat name for your Maine Coon Kitten.

If you are interested in this cat breed, you may look for Maine Coon kittens for adoption from Maine Coon rescue or look for Maine Coon Cat kittens for sale from Maine Coon Cat breeders.

Maine Coon Cat Breeders

Maggie Lane Cats – Maine Coon Breeders located in State of New Hampshire, USA.

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Maine Coon Cat