Maltese Puppies are the obedient pet dog in the small breed group.

In order to keep Maltese a clean and neat look, pet owner always remain a puppy cut for them.

They have very large dark eyes and their body is compact with silky hair. The color of coat is white or light ivory, they do not have undercoat and they are non-shedding.Maltese and Pomenarian puppies are known as elegant show dog if pet owner keep their coat long.

Maltese puppies get along well with children, their character are lively, playful but obedient too. Pet owner can give your own training to your Maltese puppies, as long as with love and patience, Maltese puppies will obey pet owner command. Maltese puppies are friendly to other dogs as well, it makes Maltese puppies are one of the best family companion pet. This dog breed is suitable for allergy sufferers.

The history of Maltese

Maltese dog was originated from Central Mediterranean area, it is one of the oldest breed in Europe small breed group. The breed name origins from the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Maltese Breed Information

Size Medium
Height 25 cm (male and female)
Weight 1.3 – 3.2 kg (male and female)
Colour White or light ivory
Group Toy Breed Dog
Life Span 15 years
Exercise Ability Daily walking exercise is needed as they need attention.
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing and weekly bathing is needed. Clean the eyes regularly.
Environment Indoor
Barking Average

How to choose a healthy Maltese Puppy?

As pet lovers, we love to keep our pet since puppyhood. There are some important tips for us to choose a healthy Maltese puppy. We can buy our Maltese puppy from the Maltese puppy’s dog breeder.

– Check if the Maltese puppy has normal breathing? Normal breathing tells us the puppy is not ill. Look at puppy eyes; make sure the puppy eyes are bright enough. As we know, all the puppies are playful, you can try to play around with them, see how active they are. If they are not active and look sleepy, they are not healthy puppies.

– Puppy normally has good appetite, if Maltese puppy refuses to drink or eat, it is a bad sign.

– A healthy Maltese puppy comes with no body odor, check around the puppy’s face and body, the skin of Maltese puppy should be soft, make sure there are no rashes or redness over the body.

Maltese Puppies
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