Miniature Pinscher is a spunky and compact pet dog. Here is your informative A-list of Miniature Pinscher.

Miniature Pinscher also known as Min Pin or King of Toys. It was originated from Germany, same as Doberman pinscher, they descended from German Pinscher. They were first bred to hunt vermin. Even though this dog breed look like a mini Doberman but Miniature Pinscher is not small version of Doberman.

Fact about Miniature Pinscher

  • Temperament – Miniature Pinscher is lively, energetic and courageous. Even though Min Pin is a small breed dog, but Min Pin is brave in general. They are friendly to everyone and very loyal to their owner. It is better starting your socialization with them in early stage, it will be easier for them to get along with other pets and children. They can learn well and fast in puppy training. Pet owner has to be a pack leader for this dog breed, else Min Pin will be aggressive to other pets. They are easily to get curious or suspicious to stranger as they want to protect their owner.
  • Appearance – Miniature Pinscher has muscular body with long legs. They have dark oral eyes and normally the ears are cropped. The tail is docked too. They have short, straight, smooth coat which required less maintenance. The rust markings are spot on cheeks, lower jaw, throat and feet.

Miniature Pinscher Breed Information

Size Small
Height 26 -31 cm (male and female)
Weight 4 – 5 kg (male and female)
Colour Red, Black, Solid Clear Red, Rust, Chocolate and Rust, Stag Red, Black and Rust
Group Toy Breed Dog
Life Span 15 – 20 years
Exercise Ability Daily walk is required
Grooming Requirements Wipe them with a warm damp cloth to remove excess hair and they are average shedding breed
Environment Indoor
Barking Average

Do not overfeed this dog breed, be a balanced Miniature Pinscher is important for them. Please check out 3 tips on how to choose best dog food from my previous post.

Miniature Pinscher
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