The Oscar Fish is an intelligent pet. Here is your informative A-list of Oscar Fish. The Oscar Fish is also known as Velvet Cichlid, Marbled Cichlid or Wild Type Oscar. This Oscar Fish breed was originated from Amazon River, South America. They are belonging to Cichlid family. Astronotus ocellatus is their scientific name. The Oscar Fish is native to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The Oscar Fish is getting popular in Florida recent years. Oscars are hardy fish. They are also considering as game fish in South America. Today, Oscar Fish becomes popular pet fish around the world.

Facts about Oscar Fish

  • Social Behavior – The Oscar Fish is not a good community fish, they are aggressive. Among Oscars, Pink Oscar is the least aggressive type. It is recommended to keep one Oscar alone or six Oscar together. Each Oscar needs 80 gallons of water. If your fish tank is small, it is better to keep one Oscar only. Oscar tank mates include large Neotropical Cichilds (Jack Dempseys, Severums, Firemouths and Convicts) or large Plecostomus. If you put smaller fish into the tank, they will attack them or eat them. Oscars is an intelligent aquarium fish, if they do not like the way you decorate the aquarium, they will pick those items and push them around. Oscars is good in recognizing the person who feed them.
  • Appearance – There are many species of Oscars which include Albino Oscar, Fantail Oscar, Red Oscar or Tiger Oscar. You will find their jawbones and lips meet in the same angle as the mouth. The Oscar Fish is usually come with smoother like appearance. The Red Oscar has a greenish brown body with no patch spots. The Tiger Oscar has a similar greenish brown body with patch spots throughout its body. The Albino Oscar is almost completely white with a pinkish hue. The Fantail Oscar is also known as Veil tail Oscar, they have extra long fins. Oscars grow fast and big. When they are young, they grow up to one inch per month. It is difficult to identify the sex differentiation in Oscars.

Oscar Fish Breed Information

Size Medium
Length 40 cm (male and female)
Species A. ocellatus
Life Span 15 years above
Feeding Oscar fish food includes floating flake food or pellet food
Tank Size 80 gallon Oscar aquarium (minimum) is recommended
Water Condition Wide range of temperature 22 °C to 25°C or 72 °F to 78 °F
Common Ailment Hole in the head disease, fin rot, septicemia or velvet disease
Reproduction They are egg layers

Oscars are good parents. They will attach their eggs and chewing up food to feed for their fry.
Here is a list of cute fish names for your Oscar. In fish keeping, I believe Oscar Fish will let aquarist learn many unforgettable and valuable lessons.

Oscar Fish
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