Are you ready to get some FIFA World Cup 2010 Pet Clothing for your pets ?

As a pet lover and soccer fan, I am counting down for FIFA World Cup 2010 everyday.

Let us wait for another 134 days, World Cup 2010 will be held at South Africa!!

3 Reasons to get a World Cup 2010 Pet Clothing

Support your favourite team – This is an international football competition. Everyone has their own support team in mind. I will be very happy to share my support team with lovely pet. During World Cup time, my Beagle dog will be wearing England pet clothing every day. Hopefully there will be one day, my country is able to qualify for World Cup and I will definitely get Malaysia pet clothing!

Pet cloth is reusable – World Cup is every four years tournament, you can let your pets wear their pet clothes during World Cup time. You can also keep the pet cloth for winter. Our world is warming up due to the climate change, it is hard for us to bring our pets go out during the winter. It becomes a must to let our pets wearing pet cloth during the freezing weather.
They are just same as us, they need cloth to warm up and protect their body as we know tiny dog breed get cold easily. I buy dog T-shirt online, it is well designed to fit for different breeds of dog.

Keep sweet memories alive – The life span of pets are short, I love to keep sweet memories with them. It is nice to watch World Cup and accompany by your lovely pet. My dog was the best companion when I watched World Cup 2006 on TV every midnight.

Mascot for FIFA World Cup 2010

Zakumi is a leopard with green hair, he was born 16 June 1994, age 15.
The “ZA” stands for South Africa and “KUMI” is a word translating into 10 various language in Africa.

It also represents the geography, people and the spirit of South Africa.

The things You Need to Know for Pet Clothing

Get the right pet cloth – Measure your pet before you buy the cloth. It is advisable to use measure tape to measure the pet body , for instance if you are going to buy pet cloth for dog, you should measure dog body size which includes the length from the base of the neck to the base of tail and dog chest size.
Different designer is showing different pet cloth size chart, so we cannot depend on their pet cloth size to buy pet cloth for our pet.

Don’t dress up your pet with excessive clothing – Dress up your pet with excessive clothing is the form of animal cruelty. Pets cannot express themselves if they feel too warm, they are unable to remove the clothes by themselves.

Please watch the video clip, let’s see how animals playing soccer!

Pet Clothing for FIFA World Cup 2010
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