The Plott Hound is a brave pet. Here is your informative A-list of Plott Hound. The Plott Hound is also known as Plott or Plotthund. In 1750, Johannes Plott brought a number of wild board hounds from Germany to United States. The Plott family began develop the breed by mixing Bloodhounds, Blevins Hound and Curs. This new dog breed was called Plott Hound. This dog breed was bred for hunting bear, boar, deer, mountain lion, puma, raccoon or wolf. They become the state dog of North Carolina. Today, this dog breed is one of the wonderful family pet for us.

Facts about Plott Hound

  • Temperament – The Plott Hound is alert, courageous, calm, energetic, loyal, intelligent, determined and loving. They are also known as fearless, confident and aggressive hunter. They are affectionate with family and they are able to get along with children or other pets. This dog breed require your attention, they thrive on human companionship. They have strong hunting instinct. It is better to start obedience training and socialization for Plott Hound puppies in early stage. Unlike other coonhound, this dog breed has a sharp voice. They tend to slobber and drool.
  • Appearance – The Plott Hound has a muscular medium-sized body. They have a slightly rounded head and they come with a pair of brown or hazel eyes. The medium length ears are broad-set and hang down past their bottom lip. They have a moderate long muzzle and the chest is deep. The tail is long and set below level of topline. They have well muscled and powerful legs. The thick coat is weather-resistant. You will find their coat is glossy, short and smooth.

Plott Hound Breed Information

Size Medium
Height 51-61cm (male and female)
Weight 20-25kg (male and female)
Colour Any shade of brindle, brindle with black saddle, solid black or black with brindle trim
Group Hound Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 14 years
Litter Size Average 4– 10 puppies
Exercise Ability Daily and long walks is needed, let them run and roam around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Brush twice a week with bristle brush, check the ears regularly. This breed is light shedder
Environment Large fenced yard
Barking Average
Recognition CKC, APRI, DRA, UKC, NKC, AKC, ACR

This is a healthy dog breed. The most common health issues for Plott Hound are bloat and gastric torsion.

If you are interested in this dog breed, you may adopt Plott Hound from Plott Hound rescue or look for Plott Hound breeders.

Plott Hound Breeders

Houston Valley Plott Hounds – Plott Hound Breeders located in Texas, USA

Four County Corners Plotts – Plott Hound Breeders located in Wisconsin, USA.

Plott Hound
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