Puggle is small mixed breed of pet. Here is your informative A-list of Puggle. Puggles are crossing between Beagle and Pug, they were originated from United States during 1980s. After twenty years, Puggles are considered the most popular hybrid pet due to their cute look and wonderful character. The first generation Puggles are crossing between Pug and Beagle, whereas second generation is produced from hybrid Puggles.

Facts about Puggle

  • Temperament – Puggle puppies are energetic, friendly, lively and affectionate, it is better start off training during puppyhood, and crate training is more suitable for Puggle puppies as they tend to be stubborn. It is good to give Puggle puppies some chewing toys since Puggle is a big chewer. They get along with children and other pets, they love human companionship and desire for close contact. Do not leave them alone for long period, it will develop dog behavior problem. Since Beagle is one of the parent, Puggle has hunting instincts and strong sense of smell, they love to dig hole, catch or track interesting scents. Many Puggles do howl as their Beagle Parent. Owner is advisable to take care of them during humid or cold climate.
  • Appearance – Puggles appearance can be vary but they look alike Miniature Mastiff, most of them have stout body with short legs, they usually have longer muzzle than Pug and inherited droopy ear from Beagle. They will have a wrinkled face as Pug. Puggle Puppies come with short and smooth coat. The color of coat can be varying. The most common Puggle is tan or fawn color with black mask.

Puggle Breed Information

Size Medium
Height 13 -15 inches (male and female)
Weight 15 – 30 lbs (male and female)
Colour Golden, black, white, tan, fawn or tri-color
Group Hybrid Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Exercise Ability Puggles are energetic and daily walk is needed, they will enjoy run and roam around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Minimum grooming is required, brush with a bristle brush daily, clean their face and ears more often, they are average shedder
Environment Indoor or fenced yard
Barking Medium and they do howl sometimes

Some common health issue for Puggle is skin infections, eyes infections, Luxating Patellas or Hip Dysplasia. In general, I believe Puggle make a great family companion for every pet lover.

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