Ragdoll cats are very affectionate pet. Here is your informative A-list of Ragdoll cat. In early 1960s, Ann Baker started to create this cat breed; the first cat was called Josephine. Ann Baker is a Californian cat breeder. Josephine was crossing between white Persian, Angora and Siamese. The Ragdoll cat is one of the large cat breed. The Josephine’s kittens came with a pair of magnificent blue eyes, they like to hang limply and relaxing in your arms like a rag doll when picked up, that is how the cat name comes from.

Facts about Ragdoll Cats

  • Temperament – The Ragdoll is easy going, non-aggressive, gentle, loving and sociable. They are famous of their docile, floppy and calm temperament. The Ragdoll kittens normally born in white. They are a great choice as family pet. It is not a good idea to leave them outside because most of them do not hunt. They are affectionate with family and able to get along with other pets. They are quiet type of cat. The Ragdoll is the largest domestic cat breed. When they reach four years of age, they will be fully mature in physical.
  • Appearance – The Ragdoll has a sturdy and muscular body. They are semi-longhaired cat. Their head is medium sized and they come with a pair of large blue eyes. Their ears are broad at the base and rounded at the tip. They have medium long legs; the back legs are always higher than their front legs.
  • Coat color and pattern – The coat is silky and soft. Ragdoll cats are available in six different colors which are chocolate, blue, seal, lilac, red and cream. The Ragdoll comes in three different patterns which are bicolor, mitted and color point.
  1. Color point – One color darkening at nose, ears, feet and tail.
  2. Bicolor – White inverted “V” on the face, white feet, white leg and white abdomen.
  3. Mitted – White chin, white paws and white abdomen come with white strip.

Ragdoll Cats Breed Information

Size Large
Weight 5-9kg (male) 3-7kg (female)
Group Hybrid Cat Breed
Exercise Ability Let them play and run around
Grooming Requirements Weekly brushing is needed, this cat breed fur is non-matting
Environment Indoor

The Ragdoll has no common health issue; basically this is a healthy cat breed.

Ragdoll Cats
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