Rottweiler puppies are highly intelligent and talented pet dog.

For those pet lovers who love to keep a large dog, Rottweiler will be your first choice.
It is easy to train because Rottweiler puppies learn quicker than other puppies. Most of the time Rottweiler puppies are loyal and always think of how to protect their owner.

The Rottweiler is black with clearly defined rich tan markings on the eyes, chest, throat, on the size of the muzzle and lower legs. They have a pair of carried forward triangle eyes. The coat of this breed consists of medium length of top coat and an undercoat which is waterproof. The tail of dog is normally docked, country as Germany banned for docking, so you can see undocked Rottweiler at there.

Same as Maltese puppies , Rottweiler puppies can get along with children, this dog breed do not bark often as Chihuahua puppies. Same as Beagles dog , Rottweiler dog appear on TV show too. Rottweiler always play the role of evil dog on TV, it brings bad reputation to Rottweiler. Rottweiler can be train as guard dog, police dog and good house pet. The common disease for Rottweiler is Elbow Dysplasia, Cardiac problems and Hip Dysplasia.

Rottweiler Breed Information

Size Large
Height 63 -68 cm (male) 58 – 63 cm (female)
Weight 41-50 kg (male and female)
Colour black
Group Working Breed Dog
Life Span 8 – 11 years
Exercise Ability Daily jog or walk is needed
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing will keep your Rottweiler look healthy. They are an average shedder.
Environment large yard with fenced
Sound of Barking Soft

3 reasons of Rottweiler Puppies for adoption

Powerful and great watchdog – I like the size of this breed, it comes with large frame balanced by broad chest and muscular body and I enjoy watching their movement, just like the super athlete. When they feel being threatened, you can hear very powerful voice from them. They are much stronger than other pet dog. Rotties are always alert and wary of strangers. On the other hand, they are friendly with families. It makes them become a great watchdog.

Loyal dog – As a pet lover, I always find that dog is always our best friend. Rottweiler is a loyal and courageous dog. As long as you gain Rotties trust, they will obey and listen to you till the day they leave the world. Rotties also work for Police, because they are highly intelligent and easy to train. This dog breed need a lot of socialization, they can get along with children and other pets. Since Rottweiler is a large size of dog, it is recommended to give them training since puppyhood.

Active and playful dog – I enjoy see Rotties playing tug of war game. They are always full of energy; you can always bring them for long run or playing ball game with them. They are good house pet for everyone in family.

Please watch the video clip, it tells us the true character of Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Puppies
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