Choices of food for dogs

Pet Lovers can prepare different type of foods for their dogs. It can be biscuit mixer, canned food, home cooked food, dry food and etc. We must take note all the dog food quality, avoid give pet wrong choices.

Classic Dog Movies After 1970

Dear Pet Lovers, do you like to watch pet related movie? The pet related movies can always touch our heart and bring us sweet memories. After 1970 there was a lull in good dog movies. The movies mentioned in part

How to take care new Shih Tzu Puppies?

New Shih Tzu Puppies are good pets to adopt. Here with informative A-list on how to take care new Shih Tzu Puppies. Bring Shih Tzu puppy to veterinarian for first check up and vaccination. Prepare some quality of dog food