The Yorkshire Terrier is a little brave pet. Here is your informative A-list of Yorkshire Terrier. The nickname of Yorkshire Terrier is Walking Jewel, Yorkie and Yorkshire Terror. This Yorkshire Terrier dog breed was originated from England in 19th century. Yorkshire Terrier Dogs were bred for catching rats in clothing mills or chasing badgers into the burrows. They served as a hunting dog. The Yorkshire Terrier Dog was mixed with Clydesdale (now extinct), Paisley Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Maltese and Sky Terrier. Original Yorkie was much bigger than now. The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed was bred smaller over the years and it became fashion dog. Especially the Victorian ladies liked to carry them in their bags. In late 19th century, Yorkshire Terriers were imported to United States. They were recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885. Today, Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful family pet around the world.

Facts about Yorkishire Terrier

  • Temperament – The Yorkshire Terrier is affectionate, adventurous, clever, determined, energetic, fearless, independent and mischievous. Even though they look like toy breed but they are a true terrier. Yorkshire Terrier Dogs are a good watch dog and they tend to bark a lot. They have a playful disposition. They can get along with children and other pets. They can adapt with different environment and they do well in warm climates. They can pick up obedience training easily. Proper socialization is recommended for Yorshire Terrier Puppies. They are excelling in agility and sport activities.
  • Appearance – The Yorkshire Terrier has a compact and small-sized body. Yorkie puppies are born black and tan; they will become blue and tan when they are matured. The small head is flat on the top and they come with a pair of medium-sized dark eyes with dark eyes rims. They have a pair of V-shaped erect ears and the nose is in black color. The legs are straight and the feet are round with toenails. They have a medium long tail and carried fairly high. The Yorkie has a single coat. The coat is fine and silky.

Here are some Yorkshire Terrier pictures

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

Size Small
Height 15 – 17 cm (male and female)
Weight 2 – 3 kg (male and female)
Colour Blue and tan
Group Toy Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Litter Size Average 3 – 4 puppies
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed. Let them play around at fenced yard
Grooming Requirements Daily grooming is needed. Clean the eyes and ears regularly. This dog breed is a little shedder
Environment Indoor
Barking Average

The common health issue for Yorkshire Terrier is prone to eye infections, slipped stifle or tooth problems.

Here is a list of cute dog names for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy. If you like Yorkshire Terrier, you might be interested in Morkie, Morkie is a hybrid breed which crossing between Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese.

If you are interested in this dog breed, you may look for Yorkshire Terrier adoption from Yorkshire Terrier rescue or look for Yorkshire Terrier Dogs for sale from Yorkie Terrier Dog breeders.

Yorkshire Terrier